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About Us

PAT established in 2003 to serve the electrical power industry and today the company is proud to have the most experienced experts in this field, equipments and laboratories. PAT is committed to excellence and ever-improving quality through using all its internal engineering capacities as well as taking advantage of external engineering capacity available inside the country.

Our perspective at PAT is based on increasing our share of refurbishing projects year by year by mastering as well as improving the refurbishing technology and by staying on the leading edge of this complex technology in accordance with the latest refurbishment norms. All of these are tolls to achieve our main objective that is to provide the best quality, timely delivery as well as the lowest cost possible to our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

The company specializes in repairing and maintenance of the following gas turbines:

  • GE Frame 5, 6, 9
  • Westinghouse 191, 251
  • Mitsubishi 101, 701B, 701D
  • ABB 9, 13
  • KWU V93, V94.2
  • Siemens SGT 100, 200, 400
  • MAN 1705
  • Solar
  • RR SK 30

PATco's Timeline:

Year Event
2003 The company foundation in Safadash industrial zone
2003 Statrting stationary blade repairing
2005 Starting machining Dept
2007 Starting heat treatment Dept
2009 Starting APS (Air Plasma Spray) coating Dept
2009 Starting rotary blade Dep
2010 Starting chemical stripping Dept
2011 Starting SGT 100-200 components repairing
2013 Starting rotorshop repair Dept
2014 Starting balancing Dept

Organization chart:

Organizational chart

Some of our customers:

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